Self-Isolated Blogging: An offer

Wieder ein wundervoller Gedanke, den ich gerne weiterbloggen möchte.
Beetleypete hat recht, wir sollten die Zeit nutzen und das Beste draus machen.
Again a wonderful thought that I would like to continue blogging.
Beetleypete is right, we should use the time and make the best of it.


With doom and gloom all over the news, and a lot of very worried people unable to get out even to go to work and socialise, I am trying to think of something positive to offer via the platform of blogging. Facebook and Twitter can be a diversion, but they are also sadly also packed with negatives, scams, and sometimes downright meanness and offensive remarks.

So, back to blogging. Here is my offer, which is of course completely free, and has no catches.

(To contact me for any of these, use )

Guest Posts.
If you are writing more than usual and hoping to reach a new community or a wider audience, send me a guest post to be published here.
Under 2000 words please, with a short personal bio, and a link to your site.

Book Promotions.
Many people may now have more time to read, so if…

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5 Gedanken zu “Self-Isolated Blogging: An offer

    1. Rhiannon

      Solange Wasser aus dem Hahn und Strom aus der Steckdose kommt, solange die Grundversorgung gesichert ist – wird es halbwegs ruhig sein.

      Es liegt an uns allen, anderen Vorbild zu sein und ruhig zu bleiben.


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